Do you currently pay British Gas, Scottish Hydro or any other boiler breakdown cover plan? Or maybe you are looking to spread the costs involved with your new boiler installation?

Example British Gas Home Care payment plan

Mrs Smith pays British Gas £30.00 per month to cover her existing, old & inefficient boiler.
Mrs Smith pays £70.00 per month to her gas bill.
Mrs Smith replaces her old & inefficient boiler at a cost of £45.00 per month over ONLY 5 years.
Mrs Smith gas bill DROPS to £45.00 per month with her new A Rated, condensing, high efficiency boiler.
This is a monthly saving of £10 per month and… 
Mrs Smith has a BRAND NEW Worcester Bosch or ATAG boiler installed, complete with internet smart app thermostat for optimum efficiency, her central heating system is flushed out and this all comes complete with a 7-10 years full parts and labour warranty. IT IS A NO BRAINER! Don’t run the risk this coming winter of being told your boiler can’t be fixed and having it condemned. Replace your boiler now through McNivens Plumbing & Heating.